Measuring the Length of an Object

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Are you afraid of snakes? You will go on a scavenger hunt to measure items in your house, including paper snakes! Learn the difference between meters and feet with a squid-eo and online exercises!



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The Olympic games have an event called the long jump. How far do you think you can jump? Two inches? Two feet? How about 30 centimeters? How far do you think an Olympic jumper can jump? Come explore length in this lesson and find out!

Today, we are going to measure short lengths with inches and centimeters.

  1. First, you are going to jump. Make a starting line with masking or painter’s tape. Take a running jump! Great job! The teacher will mark your spot.
  2. What can we use to measure the length of your jump? Maybe a ruler or measuring tape? Let's use the measuring tape to see how far you jumped.
  3. How many inches did you jump? About how many feet did you jump? Do you want to try again?
  4. This time do a standing jump, and see how long you jumped. Have your teacher jump. How far did he or she jump?

There are two systems used to measure length:

  • One system called the standard system uses inches and feet.
  • The other system, called the metric system, uses centimeters and meters.

What is smaller: an inch or a centimeter? How do you know?

Watch How People (And Squids) Measure Things from SciShowKids (below) to learn more:


Now, jump on over to the Got It? section to go on a scavenger hunt.

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