Subtraction with Single-Digit Numbers

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Shiver me timbers, the subtraction pirate has come aboard our ship! In this lesson, learn two different ways to subtract single digit numbers in order to find the missing items the pirate has taken!


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What will I do? A pirate has come aboard my ship! Down in the vessel, I have 5 treasure chests of gold. He has taken 2 of my chests. How many do I have left?

Let’s count it out to solve this problem:



So 5 take away 2 is equal to 3. Or we can say 5 subtract 2 is equal to 3. Can you repeat after me? 5 subtract 2 is equal to 3.

The math sentence looks like this: 5 - 2 = 3.

Let’s listen to the song When You Subtract with a Pirate below. After that song, are you going to mess with a pirate? I don’t think so, unless you want to walk the plank!

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